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If You Have A Phenomenal Website And No One Sees It, Does It Really Count?

Continuing our discussion on the daunting Search Engine Optimization, our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing feels that you should know why this technique is so important. Although SEO is definitely important for your business so users can find your page, it’s also important for search engines because it allows them to know what type of content is on your website. This way it will know to bring it up when you type in keywords.

For example, when you type “Melbourne Florida tuxedo rental” into your Google search engine Meredith’s Tuxedo and Suit Rental is the first link to appear. They appear over national brands such as Men’s Warehouse and Jos A. Bank. This is great for the family owned business that finds that a lot of their customers come in because they were surfing the web and their website popped up first online.

This is a great example of how great content on your website can help bring your business new customers. Chances are if your website is sitting on the second or third page of Google, then no one is going to see it. What’s the point of having a fantastic website if no one is seeing it? We liken this to having a super cool billboard in the middle of the desert. It’s ineffective. SEO isn’t just about getting the technical details of search-engine friendly web development correct. It’s also about marketing. If there are no links to the content on your website, the search engines may choose to ignore it, which will hurt your business.

But don’t think of SEO as a chore or something you need to knock off your to-do list to fulfill your marketing strategy. There are plenty of ways to add content to your site that are effective as well as entertaining. Two ways to do this is by adding video content and blogging. These will increase the size of your website as well as link back to your website, which will help move you up on the organic search results from Google or another search engine.

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