Infographics Have a Bright Future in Digital Marketing
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Infographics Have a Bright Future in Digital Marketing

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we are constantly peeking around the marketing corner to see what’s next for marketing your business. When it comes to promoting your brand online, infographics have a foothold in the world of digital marketing.

In a recent column, Jonathan Long presents the advantages of using infographics to promote your business:

  • Visual marketing absorbs easily. Humans are generally very visual and absorb information better visually versus reading or hearing it. Infographics have the power of grabbing the viewer’s attention and getting the point across quickly.
  • Sharing is easy. Infographics and social media were made for each other. If someone comes across an infographic they wish to pass on, retweeting or reposting is a quick and simple process.
  • Natural website traffic. When infographics are shared over and over they can drive traffic back to your website resulting in exposure, which is beneficial to search engine optimization.

Long also provides several pointers to ensure you’re harnessing the full power of infographics:

  • Quality over quantity. Be sure that you are telling a story that people will be genuinely interested in. The amount of infographics you produce is irrelevant if they contain useless or uninteresting information.
  • Expand. While posting an infographic on your site is a good place to start in order to make sure it reaches the masses, share your infographic with websites related to the topic.
  • Animate. Interactive infographics are becoming more popular. While  more difficult and time consuming to create, they are sure to capture a viewer’s attention.

Your social media optimization team is proud to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve. Contact us today so we can get your business the online recognition it deserves.