Is Tumblr Useful For Businesses?
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Is Tumblr Useful For Businesses?

Black Tie Digital Marketing wants to encourage every business owner, small or large, to utilize the features of social media. Social media came on quickly but has become an integral part of most everyone’s every day life. I know that when I don’t access my social media accounts on a daily basis I feel left out and behind on current trends. While many businesses have embraced Facebook and Twitter, there are other social media platforms that have been left behind.

Yahoo!’s acquisition of Tumblr has forced everyone to take a good look at this particular blogging platform. Personally, I don’t have much use for Tumblr as WordPress is extremely proficient when it comes to my blogging needs, both personal and professional. However, some people believe it’s a mistake for companies to ignore Tumblr, especially now that Yahoo! is taking control of it.

Jon Thomas of Post Advertising shares that, “even though Tumblr is often forgotten by brands, it’s still a massive community. In fact, the absence of brands (and the only recent emergence of in-stream advertising) may play a big part in the site’s continued rapid growth. More than 107.5 million blogs and 50.5 billion posts have been created on Tumblr, including the more than 70 million new posts that appear every day.”

So if Tumblr is such a huge platform, why is it that brands are ignoring it? Well, I believe it’s because there are other social media networks that are both bigger and easier to use. While I find Tumblr easier to navigate on a desktop, I can’t find anything on the mobile app so I quickly deleted it. Brands want to reach customers on every device and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have mastered the art of the mobile app. They have also offered features that cater to businesses specifically. If you use Tumblr for your business, please feel free to share with us how you use it and what you like about the social media platform? If you need help with your Melbourne, Florida Internet Marketing strategy then please give our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing a call today to see how we can help you.