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Let Us Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Press Release

When you are looking for a press release to be written for your company, our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing wants to assure you that we know how to get the most readership out of your press release. When we start working on a Press Release for you, not only do we make sure it’s a compelling story, we make sure it’s easy to be found on the Internet. Reporters use search engines to find sources and story ideas, and comScore reported in February 2012, that U.S. searchers conducted 371 million news-related searches on search engines.

We work our absolute hardest to make sure your story reaches as many people as possible by using specific key words that apply to the press release as well as your company. We are also aware that press releases that include images make a big difference in the amount of coverage. PRESSfeed’s data shows that 80% of journalists and bloggers are more likely to cover news that includes an image.

If there is something big and newsworthy you are looking to share with your customers, then consider a press release. It allows more depth and detail rather than a simple post on a social media outlet or even on your company’s blog. It has the opportunity to be picked up by many online journals so more people can have access to the press release. Also after you have a press release crafted there are a number of ways to promote it yourself via social media, such as:

▪ Post the news on your web site

▪ Tweet the news with a link to the announcement on your web site (and have employees tweet it too)

▪ Post your news with a link to the announcement on Facebook (and have employees post it too)

▪ Pin any relevant news-related images or videos to Pinterest (with links back to your news page)

▪ Create and post a video on YouTube talking about the announcement and linking back to the announcement on your website

▪ Embed the YouTube video into a blog post and publish the blog post linking back to the announcement page

When you are looking to create and share a press release, let our team help you. We are always looking to help businesses connect to their customers through press releases, social media, and great web design in Melbourne, Florida