LinkedIn Takes a Step Toward Becoming a Content Sharing Network
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LinkedIn Takes a Step Toward Becoming a Content Sharing Network


At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we believe in the power of content marketing. When content is worth sharing, it can bring enormous attention to your website and ultimately your brand. Recently LinkedIn announced its plan to open a content platform and Arnie Kuenn covered the development in his recent Marketing Land column.

LinkedIn is a professional network, where according to their website you can:

  • Manage your professional identity.
  • Build and engage with your professional network.
  • Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.

By opening a content platform they are certainly allowing more opportunities to access knowledge, insights, and opportunities. The professional network has typically been perceived as a place to upload your resume and keep in touch with other people in your professional atmosphere. By allowing all users to create, share, and access content they are opening the door to be a more useful professional tool.

Previously, members needed to be “connected” to other members to see their activity. But in order to become a successful content sharing network, LinkedIn has recently allowed for “follows” in addition to “connections.”

While posting content on your own site can be effective, it typically requires working hard to drive traffic to each post. One of the benefits of posting your blogs and other content through LinkedIn is that it will automatically be shared it with an audience, the network you have presumably spent years working to build.

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we are interested in how LinkedIn’s new content platform will impact digital marketing. Contact your Melbourne, FL Internet marketing team today to enhance your business’ digital presence.