Marketing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind
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Marketing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

There are always facts and statistics floating around but when it comes to marketing, sometimes these tidbits of information are really hard to believe and Black Tie Digital Marketing wanted to share a few of these facts we found interesting.

David Zaleski shared these facts on iMedia Connection:

  • Seven percent of the American population has never heard of Facebook

Excuse me? 7% is a fairly large number of Americans that have never heard of Facebook. I understand that maybe that many people aren’t on the social media site but to have never even heard of it is a little astonishing, right?

  • “Food styling” makes the food unsafe to consume. Ice cubes are often acrylic, and wet paper towels are used to keep hamburger buns looking fresh and moist.

This makes a lot of sense actually because the food you see in commercials or print ads are never like what comes out to you in a restaurant.

  • Fifty percent of clicks on mobile banners are accidental

This seems pretty true, I was on a website just recently and accidentally kept clicking the mobile banner and it brought me to a completely different page and I was getting so frustrated. As soon as I was done on that website, I closed out of it and never plan to return.

  • Only 50 percent of consumers find content in emails they consented to receive to be credible.

There are many ways to write and design your emails so that consumers will view them as credible and actually take the time to read the email. Make sure to brush up on what to do so that the receiver successfully reads your emails.

There are many Melbourne, Florida Internet Marketing strategies and our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing is available to help you reach your customers in the most effective way possible so give us a call today!