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Marketing to Millenial Men

If your customer or client demographic targets men aged 18-34, the ways you interact with these millenial men should be socially smart and web savvy. At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we can customize your digital marketing strategy for overall “reach” (getting  your website found by as many people as possible) and for targeted demographic conversions.

Polling data indicates that millenial men describe themselves as digitally literate and digitally dependent. Within a week before polling, “67% of 18- to 24-year-old males and 56% of 25- to 34-year-old males accessed a social network; those same age groups also browsed the internet (78% and 68%, respectively) and searched for restaurants and bars (39% and 30%).” Thus, millenial men are online–and often on smartphones–looking for ways to connect with your business.

One reason to target millenial men is that they have higher wages than female counterparts the same age. These men will be spending money for many years to come, so engaging with them early and building their interest and providing responsive service now is a great way to build a relationship that will last. Black Tie Digital Marketing is your Melbourne FL social media marketing resource for growing your business, no matter what customer demographic represents the greatest growth potential for your business. Call us now to get started!