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Mobile Matters

It happened to one of us. After getting separated from a caravan of friends on a drive to a new restaurant in an unfamiliar city, we encountered a mobile device website disaster. The restaurant wasn’t listed in Apple or Google maps and didn’t have a Facebook page, so we resorted to a search engine and their url to hunt for directions. Instead of useful information, there it was: a mobile site disaster.

You’ve all been there. A site so poorly designed for mobile use that you can’t find an address, a telephone number, or anything to tap on. For a restaurant, this a major problem. Many users will attempt to find restaurant info or preview the menu on the way to dinner using a mobile site. At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we believe that mobile matters in any industry. Around 40% of time spent online is on mobile devices now, and this percentage continues to grow every year and in key demographic groups.

Your site must work well on a mobile device or it isn’t engaging the entirety of your potential audience. Google acknowledges that failure to optimize for mobile can impact your rankings in search engines regardless of device. That means a poor mobile experience could lead to lower search engine rankings on desktop machines too.

Our navigation fail with a bad mobile site is a reminder that today’s users count on mobile devices to interact with the web nearly half the time. If your Melbourne FL internet marketing strategy doesn’t include mobile optimization, you’re only halfway there. But we can help! Don’t hurt your business with a weak mobile strategy. Call us today to claim your place in the mobile web market!