Mobilegeddon: Atomic Bomb or Sparkler?
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Mobilegeddon: Atomic Bomb or Sparkler?

3…2…1…BOOM! Mobilegeddon has officially arrived, but is it as devastating as everyone expected it to be? As your go-to team for Melbourne web design, we remind you of the similar Y2K scenario, which if you remember–ended in an anticlimactic thud. While Mobilegeddon should certainly be on your radar, we’ve been cautiously optimistic about the impending fallout from Google’s latest algorithm update.

What Is Mobilegeddon?

It’s no big secret that Google is continuously updating its search results algorithm, so why is everyone in such an uproar this time around? Past algorithm updates have been gifted cute names like ‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda,’ but the cuteness seems to be missing this time around. Google’s newest algorithm, in effect as of today, April 21, 2015, has been given the not-so-cute nickname, “Mobilegeddon.” This algorithm update is expected to dock websites for not being mobile-friendly.

While you don’t necessarily need to run for cover, you should certainly look into how your website will stack up against the competition when it comes to mobile search. As of today, if your website is not mobile-friendly, it’s possible that you’ll soon find your website losing ground compared to your mobile-friendly competitors, making it more difficult for customers in need to find your business.

Mobile Search Only

The change will only impact rankings performed on mobile search—not desktops or even your tablet. As mobile search continues to grow, mobile-friendliness should definitely be a concern for business owners. If you’re curious how your website will fare with Google’s latest algorithm update, click here to test your website’s mobile-friendliness. It’s important to note that according to Google’s own blog, mobile-friendliness does not trump relevance. Google will continue to use various signals to rank search results, meaning that truly relevant content will not be pushed to the bottom of results simply because of its mobile-unfriendliness.

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we currently only build responsive websites, which respond to the size of your browser depending on which device you’re viewing from, and they are indeed mobile-friendly. However, should you have any concern about your website’s mobile-friendliness, or you’re interested in learning more about responsive web design, then don’t hesitate to contact the web design professionals.