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Multiple screens & Jungian archetypes

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we help our clients engage with their customers, clients, and fans online. And that means optimizing for both desktop in-office machines and mobile users on the go. For some companies, gearing marketing heavily toward either mobile or static users makes sense. But for most businesses, customers will engage using both desktop and mobile machines.

The ability to market across multiple screens and choose which customers to target and where is the subject of a new book by Natasha Hritzuk, Microsoft’s senior director of global consumer insights, and Kelly Jones, Microsoft’s head of thought leadership, titled Multi-screen Marketing: The Seven Things You Need to Know to Reach Your Customers across TVs, Computers, Tablets and Mobile Phones.

The authors use psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s universal archetypes to explain the emotional relationships people have with their devices. From the authors:

Television is the everyman, the familiar, easy relationship in our lives. Computers are sages, a fountain of knowledge where we turn for wisdom and information. Tablets are explorers, where we go on immersive content journeys and discover new things. And finally, mobile phones are lovers, our most personal and intimate screens where content must be highly personal and relevant.

If they’re right in applying Jung’s archetypes to these screens, marketers ought to be careful in showing up only where it’s appropriate and sharing content appropriate for the medium. For example, a user might welcome and appreciate a news article from their primary care physician while sitting at their desktop machine looking for information. On their smartphone in the Facebook app, however, that same user might prefer to see something more personal about their doctor, such as a vacation photo or a snapshot of their garden.

Marketing across multiple screens can be complex, but it also opens up significant new ways to engage with customers and build relationships. If you’re not sure where to focus your digital marketing efforts in ways that best engage customers, contact your Melbourne digital marketing firm today!