Online Shopping Is A Big Hit, Is Your Website An E-Commerce Website?
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Online Shopping Is A Big Hit, Is Your Website An E-Commerce Website?

With Black Friday right around the corner, Black Tie Digital Marketing wants to help you use your amazing mobile technology for sale greatness. Black Friday is my guilty pleasure—I love everything about it: the sales, the crowds, and the rush to save money. But my second favorite shopping day is Cyber Monday!

E-commerce might not be ideal for every business, but if you sell products then why not open up your potential customer pool to us online shoppers? If you still wonder whether or not you should gear your website for e-commerce here are some great Cyber Monday statistics from Hub Spot to motivate you into taking this step:

  • Cyber Monday will have 39 percent of shoppers buying, almost the same number as Black Friday.
  • Virtually all Cyber Monday shoppers will be drawn in by the one-day deals, discounts, and free shipping offers.
  • Most Cyber Monday shopping will be done from home (84 percent) and the balance will be done from work (for those willing to admit to it!).

Although Cyber Monday isn’t nearly as “famous” as Black Friday, many shoppers prefer this method of shopping to facing the crowds that Black Friday brings. Especially with the hectic holiday season, late night online shopping can be one of the most helpful inventions ever. You can get exactly what you want without going to the store and it can be delivered right to your door. So if you want your customers to be able to buy products right off your website then you should consider developing an e-commerce feature to your website. Our team here is more than happy to help you develop an e-commerce website in Melbourne, Florida, so give us a call today to get started!