Pandora Amps Up Marketing Strategy with Artist Messaging
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Pandora Amps Up Marketing Strategy with Artist Messaging

In light of a recent announcement, Pandora is making more than just sound waves. The company built on Internet radio is trying their hand at target messaging, a newer marketing avenue. Marketing is an ever-changing practice, and as your resource for Melbourne, FL Internet marketing we’d like to share some details about this unique and innovative venture the mobile music mammoth is pursuing.

According to <Re/Code>, during the recent Code/Media conference, Pandora announced their platform specifically designed to enable musicians to communicate directly with their fans. Certain artists including Lenny Kravitz will soon have the capability to send audio messages to fans in specific cities to promote various concerts or content.

The Internet radio app currently allows music artists to claim their identity on Pandora AMP (Artist Marketing Platform) and access all the data the app has collected about their music. The next step is to enable direct audio messaging, or Artist Messaging, which is intended help artists reach their target audience in a way that’s never been attempted before. According to Pandora founder Tim Westergren, this next move will lay the tracks for the future when artists can put on an impromptu concert and personally invite their local fans.

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we’re curious to see how Pandora tackles this new marketing venture. Contact Black Tie Digital today to learn how our team will amp up your Melbourne, FL Internet marketing strategy.