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Phablet Marketing

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we know that any successful digital marketing strategy has to cross platforms, applications, and reach potential customers where they are. And increasingly, that’s on a phablet.

Blurring the traditional phone/tablet distinction of yesteryear’s iPhone/iPad (and their android counterparts), the phablet is a phone with a larger interface, allowing for more time-in-app and a more vibrant display. As Forbes’ Ewan Spence reports, this focus on the phablet explains “iOS 8 developers targeting Apple’s new 5.5 inch screened iPhone 6 Plus smartphone.”

Data show that using the same apps on Android devices with screens larger and smaller than 5 inches makes a significant difference in the amount of time users spend in each app. Particularly in music and gaming apps, users spend much more time engaged with a larger screen. Social media and fitness apps have the most modest difference. As part of your marketing strategy, however, you can be sure users are spending more time in their third-party apps when they’re using a phablet as opposed to a traditionally sized smartphone.

If you’ve got plans to introduce more digital video production across media channels, doing so while the phablet becomes entrenched with iPhone users makes good sense. To see how the phablet could influence your interaction with potential customers, contact your Melbourne FL digital marketing agency today!