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Phablets and Your Internet Marketing Strategy

We’ve all heard the hype surrounding Apple’s release of their iPhone 6 Plus and maybe even bought into it. But is the phablet (a smartphone with a screen between five and seven inches), simply a fad? Or does its larger screen provide an opportunity for users and digital marketers alike?

Phablets and Internet Traffic

According to a recent Marketing Land article, the larger screen is proving its worth in the world of Internet traffic and e-commerce. While Samsung still leads the pack with 77% of phablet Internet traffic, Apple’s new device is gaining ground. Other research also reflects that phablets have astoundingly more than doubled their mobile traffic over the last six months.

Phablets and E-Commerce

However, it’s important to note that phablet users are not just searching–they’re actually buying. According to findings by Monetate, the average phablet purchase price closer resembles that of their tablet relative than the smartphone. The average purchase price of orders placed using phablets comes in just under $116, while tablets typically bring in $121, and smartphones slightly lower at $100.

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we are curious to see exactly where the phablet settles in the e-commerce world. We believe that the phablet will facilitate bigger, and better Digital Marketing opportunities than ever before. If you’re interested in upgrading your Melbourne, FL Internet marketing strategy in 2015, please contact our team today.