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A primer on paid search versus organic ranking

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we know that developing a killer web presence is a multi-front effort: you need an amazing, user-friendly, creative website and you also need to drive people to that website. And today we’re briefly describing two of the ways to make that happen: paid search versus organic ranking. Together, both of these components (and others) make up aspects of the search engine optimization field.

Paid Search: Paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is fast, efficient, and targeted advertising. Using Google’s AdWords feature, paid search allows us to target adds precisely when someone in your target geographic area is searching for a term related to your business. Paid search is great for businesses building name recognition, businesses in a highly competitive industry, or businesses who simply want quick results. Paid search requires a lot of research up front to set up the AdWords campaigns, and then the campaigns operate within a budget you determine. Black Tie Digital Marketing offers paid search management that gets results.

Organic ranking: Unlike paid search, organic ranking takes time to build. In order for Google to rank your website highly for related web searches, you’ve got to optimize your content (we do this during the website design phase), update your site with new content (we do this through our blogging service), and get users to your website (through social media and content sharing). With those strategies in place, higher ranking will follow in time. In some industries and competitive markets, it can be difficult to rank organically when competing with older, more-established firms. Black Tie Digital Marketing offers multiple services to help increase your organic ranking over time.

If you’d like to increase your web presence and get users to your site, contact our team today to get started. We’ll discuss your goals for your website and help set you on the road to robust web presence that will help generate business.