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Promoted Pins: Pinterest Ads Now Live

Pinterest has followed a recognizable progression we should all recognize: create free innovative sharing tool, grow membership, entrench users, and then slowly slip in advertising. Pinterest users are diverse, but college-educated women aged 18-50 make up the biggest segment. Pinterest is easily customizable to a users’ interests so boards will vary significantly, but businesses can now target “promoted pins” to show up in a Pinner’s feed based on keywords, content type, or user demographic.

With myriad ways to engage in social media and spend digital marketing dollars, Black Tie Digital Marketing recommends placing SEO as first priority with social media driving traffic back to your company’s website. That means, of course, that your web design should be stellar: beautiful, functional, and SEO optimized with fresh content added regularly. Depending on your customer demographic, promoted pins could be part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Whether you engage with fans and followers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or a combination of any of them, your social media presence should follow your overall SEO strategy and point back to building your brand and converting interest into new clients. Black Tie Digital Marketing is your Melbourne FL internet marketing firm to help you execute a strategic, integrated digital marketing plan.