Ready Or Not Here It Comes: More Facebook Changes
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Ready Or Not Here It Comes: More Facebook Changes


Every time you finally adjust to the changes that Facebook makes, it’s just about that time for the all mighty Facebook Gods to redesign the whole thing and Black Tie Digital Marketing knows that although this is frustrating, sometimes these changes can be helpful to your business. “Change is a good thing,” is a saying that the developers of Facebook must have posted up in their cubicles. Don’t get me wrong, I like change but sometimes the changes to Facebook irk me, why fix something that isn’t broken?

Social Media Today reported that Facebook users in New Zealand have been seeing a new Timeline layout. Facebook always rolls these changes out in waves, so it might be some time before a majority of users see them. So what will this new Facebook look like? Well the layout is rumored to have more of the “Old Facebook” feel to it with one column of posts instead of the current two column design. This will give content a more linear and assumable easy to follow flow.

Another new change Facebook has made will be a tab with your Likes, Photos, and Maps instead of directly under your Timeline. To organize these, users will utilize the “Collections Manager” which allows you to rearrange those tabs if desired.  Facebook suggests that these changes will simplify the Timeline, making it easier to navigate.

So although these changes are huge, by the time they roll out into the United States there may be even more changes that we don’t know about just yet. These changes shouldn’t hinder your ability to connect effectively to your customer, they are really more designed to organize Facebook a little more and keep pages clean. If you ever find yourself in need of Social Media Marketing in Melbourne, Florida then contact our team and see how we can help you today.