Reputation Management and SEO
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Reputation Management and SEO

In his latest Search Engine Land column, Chris Silver Smith offers advice on the “1o Pro Online Reputation Management Tips for Local Businesses.” A bad Yelp review or a complaint aired publicly on Facebook can do extensive reputation damage in a local market, but the good news is that your SEO strategy might be just the protection you need.

The Black Tie Digital Marketing strategy for search engine optimization involves a comprehensive approach. We start with keyword research, build a website with relevant and engaging content optimized for search engine ranking, we  add fresh content through regular blogging, and we drive users back to your site via social media engagement. Interestingly, this is precisely the strategy that Smith offers for relationship management.

Creating a strong brand identity, reaching fans and followers online, being present in the digital space, and responding to queries is part of the key to protecting your business’ reputation online. Complaints and bad reviews may come, but they mean a whole lot less when they’re accompanied by your brand’s positive presence online. It’s when you don’t have a presence that these moments can monopolize your brand’s identity online.

If you’re interested in search engine optimization to reach potential customers and clients, call your Melbourne FL digital marketing agency today. The presence you’re crafting online is the best protection for your reputation in a local market!