Reputation Management and Social Media
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Reputation Management and Social Media

Black Tie Digital Marketing realizes the importance of proper social media management, as social media is a growing presence within every business as well as an open line of communication with the customer. As a follow up to our own Reputation Management and SEO blog, we are delving deeper into online customer complaint recovery. In Dawn Pigoni’s column she explains how to approach an unsatisfied customer reaching out through social media.

Customer complaints on social media will generally fit into two categories. The first type of customer had a bad experience, wishes to be acknowledged, and is seeking a solution. The other type is a customer not satisfied with a product or service and wants to discourage others from using said company. The second type may be more difficult to handle, as they are typically more interested in the drama than a resolution.

If you find yourself facing a negative reaction to your brand, have no fear as there are several strategies to put out the fire before burning the good name of your business. A quick reply is key, as we have all been in the customer’s shoes anxiously waiting for a company’s response. Try and form personal connections with your customers over your social media accounts. This can be achieved by simply signing Twitter or Facebook posts with the initials of who is posting, which gives the customer an idea of whom they’re speaking with and some form of recourse in the process of resolving their issue. Do whatever you can to make the customer aware that you plan to see their complaint through and are working diligently towards a satisfactory result. Transfer communication into a private message or email as soon as possible, as you don’t want the details hashed out on your social media page. When a disgruntled customer becomes content with your agreement, take your resolution public and share the experience.

While your Melbourne, FL Social Media Optimization team understands receiving complaints through social media is not desirable, it is far from the end of your online reputation. If there is negative conversation about your brand, treat it as an opportunity for your business to show off its customer relations.