Secret Boards On Pinterest Have Benefits For Businesses
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Secret Boards On Pinterest Have Benefits For Businesses

While many businesses have fully embraced Twitter and Facebook, our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing knows that Pinterest is still sort of a marketing enigma. Although, it’s not always talked about heavily, Pinterest popped up in 2011 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Social Media Today reported that, “Pinterest is the third most popular social network in the US and has surpassed Facebook in driving e-commerce.” Some brands have openly embraced Pinterest and all it has to offer, but has Pinterest been user-friendly to the brands that love it so dearly?

Pinterest just recently introduced a new feature called, “secret boards.” This is showing us new sides of Pinterest that will be provide more brand friendly features. Secret boards allow you to work on creating a full pin board before you show it to all of your friends and followers. Social Media Today also shares that, “Pinterest now also allows pins’ URLs to be modified, which has allowed brands to drive fans back to their desired websites increasing traffic significantly.” This new addition is definitely user friendly but also brand friendly.

Will Pinterest be making more updates to make their site even easier to use for businesses? Only time will tell but Pinterest definitely isn’t going anywhere so I believe that Pinterest is going to work harder to make their site an even bigger social media resource.

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