SEO: No DIY Project
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SEO: No DIY Project

You’re a rockstar business owner.  A killer salesperson. A true hustler of the highest order and you’re right–if people could just find your business online, you could easily close the sale. You’ve grown your company from nothing to a robust and trusted local empire, so what gives? Why is it so tough to manage your rank in a search engine?

The answer isn’t that you’re “bad at internet stuff” or “technologically challenged.” No, friend, it’s not nearly that simple. In search engine optimization, the ground is constantly shifting beneath your feet. Algorithms determining rank can be adjusted up to 500 times per year and the skills it takes to manage SEO are different than you may think.

Yes,  having a user-friendly site design with relevant information posted regularly is the foundation of any Melbourne FL SEO campaign. But what SEO do-it-yourself’ers don’t often realize is that it also takes a lot of practice to use statistical tools effectively in search engine optimization. At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we offer our experienced judgement in turning data into actionable ranking, and we’ve got a track record that shows success.

If you’ve been going it alone without much success, we’re happy to partner with you in taking your business to the next level with higher search rankings, more leads, and a growing client base. Call us today to start making sense of your website’s data for higher performance!