SERP, SEO, and Humans
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SERP, SEO, and Humans

In the digital marketing field, we’re constantly revisiting numbers related to site performance. We rely on code that analyzes who’s searching for your site, which search terms are getting the most traffic, where users land on your website, and how long they stay on each page. Those numbers mean real dollars for your business and they’re at the heart of any search engine optimization plan.

Search engine results pages (SERPs) are where success is measured in SEO. If search terms relevant to our client’s businesses aren’t yielding their site on a SERP, we’ve got adjustments to make to the overall SEO strategy, to the site’s content, and to paid search campaigns. It’s a data-driven business and every click gives us more information to sift through.

But at Black Tie Digital marketing, we never forget that it’s a tripartite formula: SERP, SEO, and human beings. It’s easy to get lost in the numbers, to forget that web design is for PEOPLE and that numbers are only a part of the story. Getting traffic to your website is essential, but only if visitors have a great experience once they land on your homepage. The ultimate end user for every site is a human who’s looking to connect with your business.

That’s why we’re your Melbourne FL search engine optimization agency to help your business achieve SEO results that really produce results. We’ll get traffic to your site and we’ll build you a site your customers find engaging, memorable, and unique. In the SEO + SERP equation, we never forget the human element!