Smartphones Draw More Daily Attention than Televisions
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Smartphones Draw More Daily Attention than Televisions

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we understand that marketing is an ever-evolving industry and that it’s important to keep up with the changes. Efforts required to reach your target audience can change on what sometimes seems like a daily basis.

Greg Sterling’s recent Marketing Land column covers a study done by Milward Brown, that reports smartphones as the most utilized screen in the world for daily use. While it has been speculated that users over the last several years have been shifting to the small screen for both entertainment and news purposes, this report supports those theories.

The study reveals that throughout the world people are spending an average of 151 minutes on their smartphone everyday, compared to spending 147 minutes in front of a television. The study also shows that users spend an average of 103 minutes a day on laptops while spending 43 minutes daily on a tablet. The part of the study conducted in the U.S. revealed that 41% of the television viewers were also using a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone at the same time.

While television commercials have long been considered chief in the world of advertisements, it appears as though they are losing some ground. With more user emphasis being placed on smartphones, it poses a challenge for businesses to reinvent their marketing strategy to incorporate small-screened devices.

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