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Social Media and Customer Service

Black Tie Digital Marketing is your Melbourne FL social media marketing firm for growing your business through fans and followers. We provide strategic website design with integrated search optimization through social media and content production, and we create content for you knowing that all communication is a form of customer service.

Social media used to be best for sharing brief content and counting up the “likes” to measure success. But consumers now use social media to do far more: to shop, to share purchases with friends, and to launch complaints. After all, posting to a page or launching a hashtagged tweet is much simpler than calling a customer service number or searching for a contact form on a website.

This means that all contact via social media has to be understood as a customer service contact. What’s unique about handling inquiries using Facebook, Twitter, and their counterparts is that the communications are public and there isn’t much chance to filter responses before they’re seen. You’ll need to be responsive and audience-aware to use social media for the strongest customer service. At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we’ll work with you to build your marketing strategy to include customer service channels so that your social media presence is a testament to your satisfied client base!