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Social Media Offers Safety Check In During Major Disasters

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we have a true appreciation for the reach of social media in both business and personal life. In recent years, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have shown their potential as useful communication tools in times of crisis. Facebook has decided to go one step further and add a feature specifically designed to help friends determine each other’s safety.

Twitter to the Rescue

The power of social media was exemplified recently when David Willis, a U.S. tourist became locked in a London bookstore after closing. Willis was alone in the bookstore and proceeded to tweet his way to freedom. Twitter users quickly began to pass on the message until it crossed the screen of someone that could help. After just a few hours, an employee was alerted of Willis’ situation and he was set free. You can see the actual tweets here.

Facebook’s New Feature

The bookstore rescue is just a minute example of how Facebook and other platforms could serve as a useful tool in times of a major disaster. With Facebook’s new feature, the platform will determine your location through one of several ways including using the city listed in your profile and your last check-in. Push notifications will be sent to the users in the affected area and allow them an opportunity to declare that they are safe. The information will appear in the timeline of their friends. The platform will also provide a list of updates regarding the current situation.

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