The Best of Black Tie in 2013
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The Best of Black Tie in 2013

Our clients see Black Tie Digital Marketing results: beautiful websites that get more traffic. What you don’t always get to see is the creativity and unique character of the team behind the business. We’ve had a banner year at Black Tie Digital Marketing, and today we want to share our 2013 highlights.

After a little bit of reminiscing and a whole lot of laughter, here is our team’s recap of best moments, favorite creative projects, and most “Black Tie” work moments of 2013:

  • Raul, our coder and the muscle behind each website, said: “As a team, we did a one-day drill to see if we could launch a website two weeks ahead of schedule. It took the collaboration of the entire group, but we did it. I also enjoyed YouTube day where we shared all our favorite old music videos, including a top-secret recording by one of our bosses (not naming names).” editor’s note: by “old,” Raul refers to 90’s music!
  • Amelia, creative genius and graphic design diva, apparently likes crisis (kidding!). She said, “I love teamwork and I love being able to see something come together quickly when you have the team working on it, so my favorite Black Tie moment was in the middle of what could be called a crisis. I got to see how everyone performs under pressure and we could all really demonstrate our talents.” editor’s note: Amelia also has a hidden talent as a decisive delegator.
  • Sideshow Joe, our jack-of-all-trades pinch-hitter and go-to guy “loved working on the In-Home Pet Sitters animation project” and”the day we got Chipotle and went to see Ironman 3D in IMAX.” And just to butter up the bosses a little, Joe’s favorite Black Tie Moment of the year? “The day I was hired. I waited 5 years for a job like this” (awwww, we love you too Sideshow!)
  • Resident numbers guy and statistician John is sure he had a great year because the spreadsheets say so. His highlight? The “data show that we’ve driven over 50,000 visitors to our client’s websites” and we’ve “been able to develop processes and define my role in the company.” editor’s note: processes? data? Someone get this guy Chipotle and an IMAX show, stat!
  • Content spinner Meghan loves being part of the team and analyzing how it functions: “As a writer, a business professor, and a small biz owner myself, I can say this: Black Tie has it going on. Strong leadership, talented people, ethics that show up even in a pinch, creativity galore, and a sense of humor. I love this team. I love this work.” Her scariest Black Tie moment? Nearly decapitating the boss’ dog with the door at new Melbourne office. She hopes there’s not a box for that on the performance evaluation.
  • Our main man, motivator, get-it-done’er and President Steven is pumped that “We doubled the size of our team in the last year!” and we’re “nearing the end of our 3rd year as a company!!!” editor’s note: all those exclamation points are his. We like the enthusiasm, Steve!!! And we like you!!!
  • Our visionary CEO Scott who pushes everyone to do their very best sums it up:  “2013 was a HUGE year for Black Tie Digital Marketing! We have grown to over 150 clients nationwide.” Scott’s already making plans for an even bigger 2014 and he’s pumped to see what’s in store for the Black Tie team and for our incredible clients in the coming year.

We’re thankful for our clients, thankful for this team, and we’re looking forward to another year of creativity as your Melbourne FL internet marketing team in 2014. And yes, you can send us your resume!