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The Government Can Shut Down. Your SEO Strategy Can’t .

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, none of us enjoy the idea of a government shutdown. It’s a nuisance at best and a downright problem for anyone affiliated with, employed by, or reliant on services deemed “non-essential.” The idea that Congress can press “pause” on several units within the government to wait out negotiations is a luxury most of us don’t have. Your business  can’t call a time-out on contracts, projects, and sales. And since your web presence is so essential for new clients to find you and for current clients to communicate with you, we take this opportunity to remind you that your search engine strategy cannot “shut down” either.

Even if you stopped all digital marketing and online media right now, new content would still be generated that affects your business. The content your competitors produce, the way old pages are indexed, and what ratings, reviews, and buzz you receive online will always and forever mark a digital space for your business.  Your challenge–and our task at Black Tie Digital Marketing–is to maximize the opportunities for good press online so that your business is found by the right potential customers and so you can better-communicate with your fans and followers online.

Small- and medium-sized businesses don’t have the luxury of a shutdown. The Internet doesn’t rest, search engine rankings are constantly refreshed, and Black Tie Digital Marketing manages the constant task of leveraging it all for your benefit. Even when the United States government enters a partial shutdown, we don’t. SEO doesn’t rest and neither do we!