The Key to Marketing: Tackle One Thing
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The Key to Marketing: Tackle One Thing

Black Tie Digital Marketing owner and CEO Scott Brazdo has published advice on how to avoid marketing paralysis in i4 Business Magazine. In his article, Brazdo likens the marketing landscape to a rookie SWAT team training exercise. In the exercise, a trainee is bombarded with targets coming from every direction. Beginners can freeze with a sense of paralysis, not knowing where to begin.

Marketing strategy is much the same way. Business owners are often experts at something other than marketing–experts at construction or accounting or financial services. To learn an entirely new field to promote your business can be overwhelming, particularly in the fact of conflicting advice and the feeling that it all needs to happen right now.

Brazdo gives business owners a sense of reprieve from the onslaught of advice. He writes that it’s best to just focus on one thing. “You simply have to tackle one aspect of it at a time, measure and track your success or failure, tweak and make adjustments, and move on to the next piece of the puzzle,” he writes.

You can’t solve marketing overnight. Pick one thing and hustle. And when you’re ready for a company to come alongside and help manage some of the details of digital marketing like search engine optimization and pay per click advertising, your Melbourne digital marketing firm is ready to jump in and help.