The Newest Piece In The Visual Marketing Puzzle
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The Newest Piece In The Visual Marketing Puzzle

Visual marketing is big right now and we believe at Black Tie Digital Marketing that it will continue to grow. Social Media Today pointed out that, “Pinterest has recently launched business accounts as well as Secret Boards to appeal to business, Twitter is including images in searches now, and ever since Facebook’s Timeline was announced photos are liked 53% more often.” Visual marketing has been a topic of discussion for several weeks here, but I want to discuss with you all the options available to you when you are deciding what kinds of pictures to share.


Traditionally you have two choices:

  1. Photos
  2. Infographics

Photos are a great way to add visual appeal and enhance every website when used in the right context. Infographics are a great way to illustrate complicated business facts or statistics. But now that infographics have become increasingly popular, they aren’t as exciting as they once were. Social Media Marketing shares that, “some savvy marketers are aware of a third option—a sort of visual secret weapon that’s both familiar and underutilized…


You have seen them often I’m sure, but perhaps you haven’t looked at them in the right light and thought, “I should use this in my marketing strategy.” But you should. Cartoons tell a story and have an entertaining appeal to them.They are often easy to read and mostly humorous so they are even easier to glance over than infographics are.  They aren’t overused (yet) so get a jumpstart on using them before the trend catches on!

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