The Perfect Format ‘Recipe’ for Content Marketing
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The Perfect Format ‘Recipe’ for Content Marketing

The ingredients to a perfect pie are easy enough to obtain – flour, sugar, eggs, juicy fruit, and spices. But it’s not enough to just dump all of these separate entities into a pie dish and pop it in the oven at 350 degrees. Instead, it takes skill to combine the ingredients in the proper order and the proper way. The end result is worth the effort. Who doesn’t enjoy a freshly made pie with a perfectly golden crust? Contrast that with a soupy mess of ingredients baked into an ugly mess and, well, there will be leftovers. When it comes to your social media content, the same level of skill is necessary to present ingredients in an appealing way that results in value and, ultimately, increased brand visibility and awareness.

Recently, Marketing Land synthesized the findings from a six-month study done by BuzzStream and Fractl that investigated how the calendar affects performance of various social media post formats. The results provide insight into how consumers like their content ‘pie’ over the months of June through November.

With summer just around the corner and autumn soon to follow, consider this guide in planning your ‘menu’ for the upcoming months of content. With a little planning and forethought, content can be presented in a way that will leave consumers reaching for a second slice, or even better – sharing that slice with friends and spreading your content across the web.

  • In June and July, content presented in list format performs well, but beware of posts focused on the question of ‘What to know about…’ or similar topics since these tend to deliver low results.
  • In August, list posts are still a strong choice, but ‘How-to’ articles also see a spike in consumer interaction.
  • In September, October, and November, people must be feeling inquisitive since posts that explain things with a ‘Why…’ format do well.
  • In October, in addition to ‘Why…’ posts, everyone is feeling the DIY fever, and ‘How-To…’ posts are the best performers. Also a strong choice in October are ‘What…’ posts.
  • In November, a ‘Why…’ post (as mentioned above) or a ‘How-To’ post is your best bet.

As your Melbourne Internet marketing experts, we are always looking for insights and trends regarding consumer preferences. We use this information to bake our clients’ brands into the best pie for the season, so to speak. Hungry for more? Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your business grow.