The Social CEO
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The Social CEO

You know your brand’s presence matters, but where do you draw the line between the brand and YOUR own voice? Should executives tweet, Facebook, and talk directly to customers and followers online?

There are risks and benefits to weigh. Social media reaches your customers and clients immediately, so tweeting your every thought–especially the critical ones–can backfire. You can’t easily take back what you’ve shared with fans and you’ll need to be thoughtful about what to make public. At the same time, being “real” and showing the facets of your personality can bolster your brand and your business. You don’t have to fear communications with your customers. Just be YOU online to help build lasting relationships.

Deciding whether to become a social CEO is a matter for considerable thought, but at Black Tie Digital Marketing, we can help. We can work with you to build a strategy that allows YOUR personality to shine through while we handle posts with consistency in tone and an eye for positive public relations.

Feel free to tweet your every thought, but consider talking with us about how you can do it strategically to optimize your contacts and build killer bonds with your clients that will result in repeat business for you!