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Tips for Developing Your Brand’s Instagram Presence


At Black Tie Digital Marketing, our objective is to upgrade your brand’s web presence and extend your reach with customers. While there is no scientific formula for increasing your company’s online visibility, building a social media presence is a component of any solid strategy. Instagram has quickly become a favorable way for brands to engage with customers. According to research by Forrester, Instagram is beating both Facebook and Twitter in regards to engagement per follower ratios. In his recent Social Media Examiner column, Zach Kitschke offers several pieces of advice when it comes to making your brand stand out on Instagram:

  • Give the spotlight to other users. Recognize other user photos by reposting their photos and commenting below them.
  • Keep your personality consistent. Maintaining the same tone when posting on any social media network will help users identify with your brand.
  • Utilize hashtags. Hashtags will help people that don’t follow your account see the content you’re posting, thereby extending your reach. Encouraging your followers to post about your company using certain hashtags can also increase engagement.
  • Show off your brand. You are in business because you have a particular way of creating a product or offering a service. Use your Instagram posts to highlight what your company has to offer.

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