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Tips for Increasing Your Linkedin Content Exposure

Just a few short months ago the Black Tie Digital Marketing team was looking forward to Linkedin’s development as a content sharing platform. In its first few months of existence Linkedin has proved to be an effective content sharing tool for professionals. Because this is still a relatively new content sharing platform, we wanted to share a few pieces of advice regarding Linkedin posting practices.

In a recent Social Media Examiner article, Gregory Ciotti discusses several ways to increase the exposure of your publications on Linkedin. Understanding Linkedin’s channels and how they work will surely impact your content’s probability of exposure to people outside of your first-degree connections. These channels are different categories that Linkedin members can choose to follow in order to receive specific information on their areas of interest. Having your publication featured on a channel specific to your industry means exposure to everyone else interested in the topic or industry. In order to be featured on a channel, Linkedin must tag your content.

According to Linkedinsights, a website dedicated to enhancing Linkedin practices, there are three ways to get tagged in a channel by Linkedin:

  • By algorithm
  • By editorial pick
  • By working for Linkedin

Since you probably don’t work for Linkedin, we’ll focus on the first two options. The algorithm reviews and evaluates content of each of your publications and determines which categories the pieces best relate to. Increasing the quality of your content and its relevance to the channels you wish for it to be featured in will increase your chances of being tagged.

Did you post quality content that didn’t get tagged? The next option to try to get your publication tagged in a specific channel is the editorial pick. Join the group, “Writing on Linkedin” and message Amy Chen, both the group owner and editor at Linkedin. You could also send your content to

As your resource for social media optimization in Melbourne, Florida we are enjoying learning Linkedin’s content sharing practices and passing them along. If you’re interested in upgrading your Internet marketing strategy contact the Black Tie Digital team today.