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Tired of Seeing Hoaxes in Your News Feed? Facebook is Too

Are you tired of seeing posts on Facebook about celebrity deaths and outlandish news reports and wondering if there is any truth to them? Judging by Facebook’s recent initiative, they too are tired of these hoaxes filling up users’ news feeds.

Too Much Sharing Capability?

As a social media powerhouse, Facebook facilitates information sharing like never before. However, with this sharing ability, comes the ability to share false information as well. Facebook recently implemented changes in an attempt to keep false posts from spreading like wildfire. This is a noble attempt to keep the platform from contributing to untrue, and possibly hurtful stories.

Facebook’s Strategy

According to Martin Beck’s recent Marketing Land article, Facebook is trying to decrease the amount of hoaxes seen in your news feed, by enlisting the help of all Facebook users. Instead of attempting to verify or discredit the stories, Facebook has added the option for users to report a story as false. Should a large number of users flag the post as false, Facebook will then add a message to the post which will explain that the post contains content that has been widely reported as false information. Once a post has been flagged as likely false, it is less likely to appear in news feeds.

Facebook’s initiative will only be successful if users participate, so don’t forget to do your part and flag the stories you believe to be false. The power of social media continues to unfold, and Facebook is seemingly on the forefront of every turn. If you’re interested in learning more about Melbourne, FL social media optimization, don’t hesitate to contact the Black Tie Digital Marketing team today!