Unlink Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts For More Interaction
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Unlink Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts For More Interaction

Black Tie Digital Marketing encourages you to use both Facebook and Twitter, but if your accounts are linked then it may not be as beneficial as you think. While it may be easier to post to Facebook and automatically tweet the same thing for you on Twitter, people can tell when your accounts are linked and they don’t interact with it as much.

Recently at Black Tie Digital Marketing, we unlinked our Facebook and Twitter accounts so we could focus on the specific wants of our followers on each social media network. I know for me personally, when I see a tweet that says “fb.me/awholebunchofletters” I usually just ignore it because I’ll probably see the exact update when I open my Facebook and I won’t have to click on a link to open up another page. Really, it’s just inconvenient. We found that after unlinking our accounts, we were getting more feedback on Twitter with ‘Favorites’ and ‘Retweets.’

StatisticBrain.com reported that there are 554,750,000 active registered Twitter users. While you probably don’t have that amount of people following you, you should try and engage with your followers in a way that will interest them. By posting unique tweets, you are showing your followers that you want to interact with them. Make sure to unlink your Instagram account to and repost the pictures using Twitter’s pic.twitter instead. This way your followers will be able to load your picture more easily and they will be more likely click on it, showing them all of your awesome design work!

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