USPS Will Stop Delivering Mail on Saturdays Starting This August
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USPS Will Stop Delivering Mail on Saturdays Starting This August

Black Tie Digital Marketing knows you have probably already heard the news that the United States Postal Service will stop delivering first class mail on Saturdays starting this August. Marketers across the country who currently include direct mail as part of their integrated marketing strategy are busy making plans for the switch. So how will this change affect your business?

Now with one less day for marketers to get into peoples’ mailboxes, marketers are going to have to discover new ways to reach their target audience. Marketers may have to utilize other direct marketing channels such as email marketing or mobile marketing. While some companies may already be using these digital techniques, the traditional marketers who favor sending out mail through the USPS may have to readjust their marketing plans.

This change will affect every company differently depending on their direct mail strategy. If you frequently send out mail on a certain day to coincide with a sale then some alterations to your mailing schedule may have to be made. This change is just another example of how the world of marketing is shifting to digital platforms. So if you have been hesitant to take the leap, this change may give you the push you need to step foot into the world of digital marketing.

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