Very Bad Marketing Advice: now with demonstrations!
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Very Bad Marketing Advice: now with demonstrations!

In her recent HubSpot article, Ginny Soskey offered 17 Pieces of Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Marketing Advice. It’s a great list for what not to do, and at Black Tie Digital Marketing we are shouting from the rooftops about how good this bad advice list really is.

The gist of the list is simple: you can’t synthesize all marketing advice into a few nuggets of information that work for every company, everywhere, all the time. There’s no real automation in marketing. It’s always about your business, your brand, your customer, your rhetorical situation (whoa: that was the college education talking there for a second). Simply put, there are no shortcuts. Best practices are only best practices when they work for you and your brand. And at Black Tie, we’re constantly customizing for our clients for precisely these reasons.

And once you read Soskey’s list of bad advice, you’ll understand why #BlackTieDigitalMarketing is #awesome at #SEO and #contentmarketing and why we’re #winning for our #clients (see what we did there? that was bad advice number three).

No matter what your brand is, you’ve got to be strategic about where you show up online (advice numbers 1 and 2) and what happens once you’re there (advice 7, 13, and 17). You’ve got to have a killer web presence that’s mobile-ready and SEO optimized (advice numbers 8 and 12).

If you agree with Soskey’s list but aren’t sure what to do next, call us today. We’re your Melbourne FL internet marketing firm ready to help your business rock online. And we know just what not to do to make that happen.