What Is The Power Of The Twitter Universe?
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What Is The Power Of The Twitter Universe?

Black Tie Digital Marketing is all about using social media outlets to grow your business and interact with your customers on a more personal level. Of course, you probably already use a personal account for Facebook and perhaps you even have a business Facebook page, but what about Twitter? Twitter is an extremely fun, interesting, thought-provoking social media outlet for personal use, but the power that the Twitter universe can have on your business is even better.

Twitter users often follow companies or industry leaders in topics that they are interested in, which encourages these followers to become advocates for your products of brands. The Tao of Twitter reported that a study was conducted and found that consumers active on Twitter are three times more likely than the average consumer to affect a brand’s online reputation through syndicated Tweets, blog posts, articles, and product reviews.

Twitter users are the most influential online consumers—more than 70% publish blog posts at least monthly, 70% comment on blogs, 61% write at least one product review monthly, and 61% comment on news sites. While some consider Twitter to be less popular than Facebook, 40% of Americans see Tweets or hear about Twitter on a daily basis. (Statistics from The Tao of Twitter)

It’s even difficult to watch TV these days without seeing the “#” up in the corner of the television show and often on the news people are pulling up Tweets to show real life reactions to certain events. Twitter may not be as popular as Facebook, but it’s a different type of social media network than Facebook and if you learn how to use its unique features your company’s following will grow. If you need help with Digital Marketing in Melbourne, Florida then please give our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing a call today to see how we can help you.