What Makes A Good Website?
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What Makes A Good Website?

Have you ever visited a website and been so confused by it or found it completely irrelevant that you just left, never to return to it again? I know I have, and our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing wants to make sure you have a great website to encourage users to visit your page again and again.

Lisa Wehr wrote on iMediaConnection that you need these 6 properties to have a good website:

  • Capture the visitor’s attention
  • Be relevant
  • Be memorable
  • Be user-friendly
  • Make the visitor want to tell friends about it
  • Make the visitor want to return again and again

You may be wondering, “those all sound like great ideas, but how do I execute them?” Well that’s where we come in! Our web design team works with you to create the best website possible so that you turn visitors in customers. In order to capture the visitor’s attention, not only do you need interesting, informative content but you also need stellar graphics. Our graphic design team is top-notch and can create graphics that will pull your customers in.

In order to be relevant and memorable, you must update your website on a consistent basis so it doesn’t become stale or out dated. One way to ensure your website is being updated regularly is to add a blog. This way when people visit your page, they will be able to read current information from your blog.

Being user-friendly is one the most important aspects when creating a website. If your customers can’t navigate through your website or they get lost, then your website isn’t doing its job. By working hard to ensure your website has these elements, the visitor will more than likely tell their friends about it and hopefully, return again and again.

When you need web design in Melbourne, Florida then don’t hesitate to give our team a call today so you can get started on a brand new website that your customers love.