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What You Should Know When Creating A Website

If you think that your business’ website doesn’t matter, think again and then contact our expert Melbourne, Florida website design team. Most consumers these days look to the Web for information before they even hop in the car to check out your business. Some people I have come across won’t even bother visiting a business if they don’t have a website. In today’s Internet obsessed world, if you don’t have a website then your business is passed by.

This is something you don’t want, because your business is great and people should know it. You want prospective customers to type your name into the search engine, find your website, and want to do business with you immediately. There are a few characteristics you must focus on to have an easy and useful website, such as:

Valuable Content

You need to have good, quality content. You will want to make sure this information is well written and useful to current as well as prospective customers. It’s distracting to have an abundance of useless words sprawled out on your website. Wowing the people that visit your site is the main goal. With fantastic information people will want to visit your store just from your website.


Now that you have written all of this great content, make sure it’s organized in a way to appeals to the viewer. Part of having a well-organized site is providing multiple ways of easy navigation. Use both text and graphics for buttons. Users feel more comfortable if you maintain a consistent look and feel throughout your site. You do not want fonts and colors to change from page to page; consistency is key.

Be Accessible

Now that customers have found your newly designed website, they are going to want to come see you. Don’t make it difficult to figure out where you are located or how to contact you. It’s helpful to put your contact info, or a link to it, on the top or bottom of every page. Providing customers with an address, a map, or directions will make their journey to you even simpler.

When creating a new web page you want to do everything you possibly can to interest viewers and entice them to do business with you. People enjoy a website with valuable content that isn’t distracting and information on where you can easily be found. Contact us anytime because Black Tie Digital Marketing will be more than happy to help you design a website so you can expand your customer base.