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What’s In Store For Tumblr?

If you use Tumblr as part of your Melbourne, Florida Internet Marketing strategy then you may be concerned about what will happen to the social media network now that Yahoo! has bought it.     When Facebook bought Instagram we witnessed the changes they made and not everyone liked them so they discontinued their use of the app, will this be the same for Tumblr? Our Graphic Designer, Amelia Crane, shared her opinion on the future of Tumblr.

“It is hard to say right now what Yahoo! has in mind for Tumblr.  From the reports, the reason Yahoo! purchased Tumblr was so they could catch up with the social media times.  Yahoo! has taken longer than many companies to try and modernize themselves with the changes happening in the social media and technology world.  Many of the Tumblr users are concerned that Yahoo! will upset the balance of their blogs, which will make Yahoo!’s job that much more difficult,” Crane explained.

We won’t know what Yahoo! is planning on doing with Tumblr until they make their moves. However, most people suspect that Yahoo! plans to monetize Tumblr by soliciting advertisements.

“As many people know, Yahoo! seems to have a constant challenge of turning what people look at on their site to actual dollars and they hope to change that with Tumblr.  Currently Tumblr’s demographic is teenagers and young adults.  50% of its users are between 13 and 34 years old.  So Yahoo! will need to use this to their advantage but this group of users seems to be resisting the change.  Why?  Because Yahoo! has already mentioned that they want to load Tumblr up with more advertising on the users news feeds and blogs,” Crane shared.

“The goal that everybody talks about is becoming hip and relevant again,” Weiner said of the Yahoo!-Tumblr deal. “You … can’t go to next quarterly meeting and say our Q ratings are up,” he added referring to the television rating system used to measure popularity of a brand. “That’s nice to have, but you can’t eat it.”

While Tumblr can be used as a personal social media account, many businesses utilize Tumblr’s services to create a blog for their business. Jim Lodico of the Social Media Examiner writes that, “Tumblr has 30 million+ blogs and is business-friendly. It easily supports text, images and videos from your mobile phone, browser or desktop.” So if you use Tumblr as a blogging platform for your business, make sure to monitor the changes that Yahoo! makes to ensure readership of your company blog. If you need help with blogging for your business then give our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing a call today to see how we can help you.