What’s Your #1 Priority?
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What’s Your #1 Priority?

I know that Black Tie Digital Marketing is all about the Internet and how to communicate to your customers and potential customers via social media websites, your home website, your blog, your Instagram, or your Pinterest account. I could go on and on and on with all the ways we can communicate electronically. However, I won’t because that is not my point today. Although communicating through all this wonderful technology is great, you should always remember that businesses are made and broken by personal relationships.

The Huffington Post explains that, “Referrals can represent the most valuable type of new business. regardless of how a lead comes in, sales teams are expected to quickly establish rapport with the prospective client or customer and the best way to do that is in-person. There is no miscommunication or reading between the lines of a text, e-mail, or Facebook status if you always take the time to personally establish a relationship with your consumers face-to-face.”

Sometimes, even I forget about this. So much of my work is done from behind my laptop I forget that there are actual people out there, you know in the real world. Living in a virtual world has it’s pros and cons but if that is the only way you are conducting business then I would reconsider your business strategy. Nothing makes a customer feel more valued than having an in-person conversation with an employee, manager, or the CEO. It lets them get to know the people who are representing your brand on a day-to-day basis. We have mentioned this before, but consumers love to develop an intimate relationship with YOU, not just your company.

The Internet has already provided us with Skype and other video-chatting tools—so use them! Nothing can come close to the feelings that a face-to-face conversation with a person can have especially when we’re so used to shooting over a quick e-mail or sending a text where you don’t even spell out whole words.

Internet Marketing in Melbourne, Florida is definitely necessary and our team is here to help you in every way we can, but remember that developing personal relationships with your customers should be priority number one.