Which Digital Marketing Strategies Are The Most Effective?
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Which Digital Marketing Strategies Are The Most Effective?

Black Tie Digital Marketing wants to share with you that Forrester, which specializes in research and analysis, has put out a new digital marketing report. Forrester conducted a survey of more than 58,000 online consumers looking at how brands can better sell themselves and create content that people engage with.

This study found that “traditional” push marketing techniques, such as banner ads, are at rock bottom, which isn’t entirely surprising. Does anyone click on those banner ads? I always thought they were spam so I didn’t click on them; it was only after my leap into digital marketing that I learned otherwise. I still don’t click on them though. Text message communications were the least trusted. I think this is interesting, because I live in a college town where restaurants or bars will send out text messages with specials exclusively to you because you have signed up with them. Personally I don’t believe text message communications are ineffective, especially among the younger generations that grew up with texting.

This research also showed that U.S. marketers ranked spending on the corporate website as more likely to result in “marketing success” than spending on social media sites such as Facebook. Of course you need a website to make your company seem professional and legitimate; but I also believe you should use your website in conjunction with social media sites. Social Media Marketing isn’t going to just disappear one day especially with over 1 billion active users.

The report notes that “traditional ‘one-way’ marketing techniques like banner ads are clearly ineffective in a landscape of ‘perpetually connected consumers’.” Web users are tuning out this old school type of marketing, failing to notice it in the first place, or forgetting they ever saw it — which may also partially explain why personal recommendations from people they know well are so much more trusted. So when you are creating your online marketing strategy, make sure to utilize tools that engage your customers rather than pushing information on them. They will be more likely to business with you if you develop a personal connection with them.

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