Why Do Consumers “Unfriend” Brands?
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Why Do Consumers “Unfriend” Brands?

We know that Internet Marketing in Melbourne, Florida may be challenging but now that you know what to do to engage your followers on your social media networks, we want to make sure you know what not to do. Many times consumers will opt out of following a company or brand for a specific reason and as marketers and as business owners it’s always a good idea to know why.

Usually, customers follow or become “friends” with a company or brand to get an inside look at special offers or deals. So if a consumer starts following a business for solely that reason and doesn’t believe they are getting value out of following the business, then they may just hit that “unfriend” or “unfollow” button that is dreaded by so many people.

eMarketer reported that, “the engagement advertising firm, SocialVibe, found in October that one-third of US Internet users who had ended a social connection with a brand did so because the company simply posted too many updates.” ‘Too many updates’ is subjective and it’s hard to determine the right amount of content that is perfect for each and every one of your followers.

“Many web users told SocialVibe that they checked for brand updates on social media fairly frequently: 17% said they did so every day, while another 23% did so at least once a week. Marketers can be confident that a steady stream of updates is appreciated by many users, but flooding social timelines with posts remains a danger,” eMarketer shared.

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we encourage you to post interesting, informative, relevant content that engages your followers so you can connect with them and build a relationship that will help grow your business and keep your customers happy!