Why Twitter is the Real Winner of Super Bowl 49
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Why Twitter is the Real Winner of Super Bowl 49

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we love all things marketing, which is why we get a big kick out of Super Bowl commercials and their reception. With the emergence of social media powerhouse platforms like Twitter and Facebook in recent years, consumers no longer need to gather around the water cooler to discuss their favorite moment of the night.

Twitter for the Win

In addition to a new Super Bowl champion, last night’s broadcast resulted in another winner in Twitter. The number of tweets relating to Super Bowl 49 was not only impressive; it was record breaking, at 28.4 million tweets worldwide. The 2015 game easily surpassed the 2014 game to become the most tweeted about Super Bowl yet.

 Most Tweeted Moments

Can you guess the broadcast moments that generated huge spikes in the conversation? The following are the top three moments, calculated by tweets per minute (TPM):

  1. 395,000 TPM: Malcom Butler intercepts Russell Wilson’s pass one yard from the goal line with 20 seconds left in the fourth quarter.
  2. 379,000 TPM: Game over. The New England Patriots leave the field as Super Bowl 49 champions.
  3. 284,000 TPM: Katy Perry’s halftime performance comes to an end.

The number of social interactions seem to keep grow steadily each year, and as your resource for Melbourne, FL social media optimization, we couldn’t be more encouraged! If you’re curious how the team at Black Tie Digital Marketing can improve your online visibility, please contact us today!