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What Will Facebook at Work Bring to the Table?

Over the last several years, your Melbourne social media optimization team has watched Facebook revolutionize the world of social media. The industry giant is constantly evolving and attempting to give users the best experience possible, and today is no different.

As a ten-year-old social network, Facebook has surely left its mark on the world of social media, using its reach to not only connect people, but also to connect businesses with people. But where does its reach stop? Facebook has recently implemented a pilot program, Facebook at Work, which will work as an internal communication tool for professionals.

According to a recent Mashable article written by Jason Abbruzzese, the program facilitates collaboration and file sharing between company employees. The program would run independently of personal accounts, unlike Facebook’s business pages. This is a brand new avenue for Facebook, as it was built on the foundation of a social network. Can Facebook successfully step out of the social media ring and into the professional communication ring? Or will it forever be labeled as a social networking tool?

We will continue to follow the evolution of social media, and Facebook’s role in it all. At Black Tie Digital Marketing we would be happy to improve your social media marketing strategy and overall Internet presence. Contact our team today to find out how we can make your web presence rock!