Will Instagram Make Vine Irrelevant?
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Will Instagram Make Vine Irrelevant?

With the introduction of Instagram’s 15-second video feature, Black Tie Digital Marketing knows that many users believe that this upgrade will eliminate the need for Vine. When Vine was introduced in the beginning of January, its purpose was to share 6-second videos of your daily life as a way to bring people closer together. That’s one of the goals of the Internet, right? You can connect with people all over the world that you wouldn’t have had the chance to meet otherwise.

Now with Instagram’s video feature, will Vine disappear? Personally, I don’t think so. Twitter owns Vine and it’s extremely easy to upload videos from Vine onto Twitter. The platforms are linked and you can efficiently use them together. However as I mentioned in a previous post, Instagram and Twitter are not compatible in the fundamental sense. With Twitter’s 140-character limit, it cuts off the Instagram posts. On July 1st, Vine tweeted that the app is now available on the Kindle Fire. So they seem to be keeping up their momentum and not letting Instagram stand in their way.

Only time will tell us which app will remain, while the other quickly disappears. There are many pros and cons to each app and it’s possible that they both might stick again. While Instagram doesn’t play nice with Twitter, people already have a following built on the app and the videos are 9 seconds longer. However, the younger generation is a big fan of Vine and in just a few short months they have gained over 13 million users. Which do you prefer?

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