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How to Win with Google Pigeon

Are you constantly seeking ways to make your business more accessible to your customers? Chances are that if you own your own business, you’re interested in increasing the reach of your company. At Black Tie Digital Marketing we are constantly working to adapt effective strategies to support our Melbourne, FL search engine optimization efforts. Google is leading the way by continuously updating its algorithms in an effort to improve its competency as a search engine. The algorithm update that is now changing the way local businesses are found online has been gifted the name “Pigeon,” by industry experts at Search Engine Land.

About Pigeon

The Pigeon update is focused on showcasing local search results. A local search directory, Yelp, had previously accused Google of placing Google’s listings ahead of Yelp’s listings, despite users specifically including the term “Yelp” within their search. The update specifically resolves the Yelp issue, while also improving the visibility of other local directories within Google’s search results.

With local search results gaining back their share of the spotlight, it’s important to make sure your business listings appear as an accurate representation of your brand and your company’s information. Some local directories might have old or false information regarding your business and how to get in touch with you, which can mean losing a customer before getting the chance to make your impression.

Then There Was Yext

As your resource for Melbourne, FL SEO, we’ve recently formed a relationship with Yext in order to tackle this issue. Through cutting edge technology, Yext ensures an accurate representation of your business’s listings within in a multitude of local search results. Yext has the ability identify, analyze and claim your existing business listings and ensure that they are providing your customers with proper and up-to-date information.

Google Pigeon and Yext combined are changing the game when it comes to reaching your customers online. If you’re interested in how we can help your business win with Google Pigeon, contact the team at Black Tie Digital Marketing.