Would You Want An Online Presence After You’ve Died?
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Would You Want An Online Presence After You’ve Died?

Black Tie Digital Marketing wants to know how you feel about a new app called “LivesOn” that will allow you to keep tweeting even after you have passed away.  LivesOn learns about your likes, tastes, and style of writing and will generate its own tweets on your behalf. While you are still living, you can log into the app to provide feedback and help the app learn more about you.

Dave Bedwoods, the creator of LivesOn says that, “Over the years and with advances of tech and platforms we may be able to imitate the way you talk.”

However, this app will also allow you to choose an executor of your LivesOn Twitter feed so they can decide whether to continue using it or not. Bedwood said this service will only work if you use it when you are alive. “We aren’t as some people thought, bringing people back from the dead and then just posting the tweets,” he said. “We need living people to make this work as they have to help train and grow their LivesOn account.”

This new app will help answer the question of who owns your social media and Internet accounts have you have passed away. There have been many legal issues between families of the deceased and Facebook because of this issue. ABC News reported that, “State Rep. Peter Sullivan has introduced legislation to allow the executor of an estate control over the social networking pages of the dead.  The bill proposed by Sullivan, a Democrat from Manchester, would allow control of someone’s Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts such as Gmail to be passed to the executor of their estate after death. The passage of this bill would bridge a gap in policies of social media sites and provide families with a sense of closure.”

With the development of LivesOn, this debate will no longer occur since users will be actively registering to have their names and accounts stay active after they die and will require an executor assuming they use the services provided by LivesOn. The LivesOn service will launch this March, and while Bedwood acknowledges that some people may find the service creepy, he said he believes the experiment pushes forward artificial intelligence in this time of social media personas.

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