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You Mean, Search Engines Aren’t Magic?

Search Engine Optimization is an awesome marketing tool but it’s a difficult concept to comprehend and our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing is here to help clear up some of the confusion for you.

To first understand SEO, it’s essential to know how search engines operate. This way you have the inside knowledge to use the best key words to optimize for your website. Bear with me here, sometimes even when I try to comprehend SEO it’s like hearing the teacher from Charlie Brown, “womp, womp, womp.” It’s all so technical and detailed which is why I have decided to take a few blog posts to break down the intricacies to this process.

The first aspect you should try to wrap your mind around is the purpose of the Internet. We all use it daily and if you are anything like me, you probably haven’t thought twice about how it works. In my mind, it’s just magic. You type a question into that Google search bar and two seconds later you have a myriad of answers at your fingertips.

SEO Moz explains that, “crawling and indexing are two of the major functions search engines provide. Search engines use links as a way to crawl through the web and find billions of interconnected documents. Once the engines find these pages, they next decipher the code from them and index selected pieces in massive hard drives, to be recalled later when needed for a search query.”

When you type your question into the search engine, the engine then has to comb through the billions of documents and bring up the results that are relevant and important. One of the ways SEO works to bring up your business’s page is by determining its relevance and importance when someone types a question into the search engine. “Importance is determined by the popularity of your site or page and the more valuable the information is the more popular it must be. Popularity and relevance aren’t determined manually. Instead, the engines craft careful, mathematical equations, called algorithms, to sort what pages have the most beneficial content,” SEO Moz explains.

So when you are first looking into SEO, make sure the content on your website is helpful as well as updated often. The more often a website is updated, the better recognizable it is to the algorithm that is crawling the Internet. By adding new pages or blogs to your website you increase the size of your website and by blogging regularly you update your site each time. When you decide that you need to incorporate SEO into your marketing plan or you need any other web design help in Melbourne, Florida call us at 1.800.316.8030.